As a top educational auditing institution, EPA offers certification and endorsement through its accreditations of teaching-learning processes, for both open or distance learning methodologies as well as part or full-time attendance learning.


The assessment-accreditation process is based on a client or user-focused philosophy of Total Quality. Quality is total inasmuch as it includes every single aspect of the educational organization, involving each and every member of the organization. However, Total Quality is aimed at getting things right first time around . Once quality is incorporated, it should form an inherent part of the system.


This is a philosophy that strives for excellence in organizations' results.


Put simply, when applying the Total Quality method to education, quality means that specific training centers or education programs must meet with student satisfaction; and total means that this quality is achieved through the participation of all the organization's members.


Total Quality implies a paradigm shift in the way we conceive and manage educational organizations. One of these basic premises, also the method's raison d'être is "constant perfection and continual improvement". Total Quality begins by understanding clients' needs and expectations so that these can be fulfilled and exceeded.


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